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Winsome Getaways, through Lifestyle Collection’s "LC - Incentive Card", has access to major airlines and car rental agencies. Should you want to consider us for flights or car rentals, indicate so on our Reservation Requests form. We will search the Lifestyle Collection site and provide you with the search results when we e-mail you confirmation of availability for your accommodations. Bear in mind these prices are volatile and may well change by the time your flight and car arrangements are finalized.

Winsome Getaways recommends that you do not make any flight or car rental arrangements until you receive a reservation confirmation for accommodations from the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club or Intrav’l. Once your accommodations are booked and have been confirmed, we will update the search and forward the results to you. To keep the price, things need to happen promptly.

Payment procedures for flights differ from those for accommodations booked through the Lifestyle Holiday Vacation Club or Intrav’l. Using your credit card information, we will make payment directly to Lifestyle Collection’s LC - Incentive card and confirmation will be sent to you directly from LC - Incentive Card, the airline or rental card agency.

Lifestyle Collection, airlines nor the car rental agencies do not provide us with confirmations of your travel plans. So you’ll still need to advise us of the flight details for everyone in your travel group. This is to make sure the Lifestyle resorts can arrange for your transfers to their Lifestyle resort from its local airport. This applies only to the featured Lifestyle resorts in the Dominican Republic or Mexico (excluding Tallum).

To review the LC - Incentive Card Terms and Conditions, click on the Home Page’s “Terms & Conditions - Lifestyle Collection” button. By purchasing LC - Incentive Card products through your Subscribing Member (Winsome Getaways / J. D’Orsay), you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.